Vision & Mission

Mission Statement


Roosevelt Elementary School, as part of a global community,
is committed to lifelong learning, exploring and creating,
in a nurturing environment.


At Roosevelt Elementary School, our CORE VALUES are based in Responsive Classrooms CARES acronym:


·         CooperationStudents’ ability to establish new relationships, maintain positive relationships and friendships, avoid social isolation, resolve conflicts, accept differences, be a contributing member of the classroom and school community, and work productively and collaboratively with others.

·         Assertiveness: Students’ ability to take initiative, stand up for their ideas without hurting or negating others, seek help, succeed at a challenging task, and recognize their individual self as separate from the circumstances or conditions they’re in.

·         Responsibility: Students’ ability to motivate themselves to take action and follow through on expectations; to define a problem, consider the consequences, and choose a positive solution.

·         Empathy: Students’ ability to “see into” (recognize, understand) another’s state of mind and emotions and be receptive to new ideas and perspectives; to appreciate and value differences and diversity in others; to have concern for others’ welfare, even when it doesn’t benefit or may come as a cost to one’s self.

·         Self-Control: Students’ ability to recognize and regulate their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to be successful in the moment and remain on a successful trajectory.


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