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Welcome to the Roosevelt Elementary Media Center!

Number of Books Allowed for Checkout 

Kindergarten = 1 book
First Grade = 2 books
Second Grade = 2 books
Third Grade = 3 books
Fourth Grade = 3 books
Fifth Grade = 3 books

All students may exceed this checkout limit if needed for research, special projects, vacations, or as requested by their teacher with permission of the library staff and the student has no overdue materials. 

Check Out Periods and Renewals 

Check out 
1. The check-out period is 14 days for students. 
2. Students may renew books twice any time provided there are no holds on the title. 
3. Students do not have to keep their books for the entire loan period. 
4. Library books can be returned to the library tub in the classroom or the return cart in the media center. 

1. Books can be exchanged and returned at any time that the media center is open for business. 
2. Two renewals are allowed unless there are requests for a popular title. 

Overdue Books and Lost Materials 

All Roosevelt students have both the right to access our great collection AND the responsibility to return library materials on time and in good shape. 

1. Return library books on time. 

2. Overdue notices are are provided for students on a weekly basis for all grades. If you have questions about your child's over dues, call Roosevelt Media Center at (507) 333-6730 or (507) 333-6717 during school hours. 

3. There are no fines for overdue books.

4. Students will be charged the cost of the book if it is damaged beyond repair or lost. 

5. If the book is lost and paid for and then found and returned to the library, the paid money will be returned to you.

Students who habitually loose books and do not pay for them will be asked to keep their books in their classroom. These measures help us to keep books available to others who are waiting to read them. 

Media Center Staff

Laura Moschkau
Licensed Media Specialist
(507) 333-6730

Mary Nelson

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